Winter Skincare for Winter Carnival

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skin to show off!

Winter is in full swing here in snowy Saranac Lake, and the preparations for Winter Carnival are underway. The Ice Palace is coming together, and dinosaurs are popping up all over Saranac Lake to celebrate this year's theme of "Prehistoric Park". Residents and visitors are making their plans, including where they will go and what they will wear. Something to include in your planning is "how is my skin looking this winter?". After all, Winter Carnival means being outdoors, being around friends and family, and snapping photos of all the good times. You should look and feel your best! Below are my top tips for tip top winter skin that looks good enough to show off at Winter Carnival!

Drink plenty of water in winter!

1. Stay hydrated! We all know that true beauty comes from the inside and radiates outward. Keeping your skin hydrated on the outside begins with staying hydrated on the inside. I know it is tempting to drink hot tea, cocoa, or a nice heavy stout in the wintertime, but make sure you are continuing to drink water just as you would in the warm summer months.

The perfect winter moisturizer!

2. Moisturize, Moisturize Moisturize! Your face, your hands, your whole body is affected by the cold and dry temperatures in winter and indoor heat. Even warm wool clothing can be scratchy and irritating to the skin. Winter is a good time to use a thicker moisturizer than you would use at other times of the year. Moisturize your face in the morning and night, your hands throughout the day, and your whole body at least once a day. My previous blog "The Magic of Frankincense" contains my recipe for Frankincense Facial Serum, which is a perfect addition to your skincare routine for winter. Or try Fountain of Youth Skincare's Coconut Moisturizer. Try adding a moisturizing mask to your routine once a week in winter time. I love Fountain of Youth Skincare's Chocolate Masque. It is hydrating and smells like chocolate raspberry cake! Northern Lights Massage sells both of these products at our office, so please contact if you'd like to purchase them.

3. Avoid alcohol in your skincare products! Alcohol is found in some skincare products, and it dries out the skin. The same goes for acne treatments. They tend to be drying, so if you normally use these in your skincare routine, omit or reduce these products during the winter.

The sun is out, even in winter!

4. Use sunscreen! Just because it's cold out, doesn't mean you can skip the sunscreen. UV rays are still creeping around even in winter, and the snow reflects the suns rays which can increase your exposure to these harmful rays. So don't go out without the sunscreen!

5. Avoid hot showers! Hot water dries out the skin, and you can probably tell by now the main goal of winter time skincare is to avoid dryness. So keep the water temperature lukewarm for your showers, and immediately follow with a moisturizer. Just like for your face, moisturizers for your body should be thicker in winter- think body butter instead of lotion.

I hope you enjoy Winter Carnival in Saranac Lake! If you want to come in from the cold for a cozy massage or facial, book in at Northern Lights Massage! We are happy to care for your skin and muscles all year long!

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