What Ear Seeds Can Do For You

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You may have heard some buzz about ear seeds lately. They have been trending on social media, and I've been talking about them with clients in the office. While it may seem like something shiny and new, it's actually something that has been around for a long time. So let's take a few minutes to explain what they are and what they can do.

there are many acupressure points in the ear

Ear seeds are tiny seeds from the vaccaria plant that are held in place on your ears by tiny adhesives that look like Band-Aids. They are placed on specific spots on your ears that correspond to different parts of your body. Just like in reflexology where the feet represent your entire body, your ears also represent your entire body. So choosing specific points on the ear will stimulate these acupressure points. Using ear seeds is sometimes called auriculotherapy.

I first encountered ear seeds when I was in acupuncture school. As an acupuncturist, I would use needles to stimulate these points on patient's ears when they were in the clinic. But sometimes it's helpful to keep the points stimulated in between treatments, so I would put an ear seed on the points and send the patient home. The ear seeds would stay on for several days, and continue to stimulate the points. I really liked how the ear seeds were non-invasive, and allowed the treatment to continue beyond the office.

So what kinds of things can ear seeds work for? Lots of things! The World Health Organization recognizes over 150 conditions that can be helped with auriculotherapy. Some common conditions are back pain, neck pain, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, stress, weight loss, and much more. There are even hospitals that use auriculotherapy as part of the treatment for substance addiction. It is important to remember that ear seeds are not intended to replace conventional medical care. They are meant to supplement it.

discreet ear seeds

Here is a real life example of how ear seeds helped a friend of mine last week. My friend is a healthcare provider at a hospital. She had fallen down some stairs, and was experiencing a lot of pain in her neck. She could barely move it. I saw her a few days later, and had my ear seeds on me. She decided to try some to help with the neck pain. I applied them, and within five minutes, she was feeling a decrease in pain and an increase in range of motion. It was incredible! She was very happy to be able to get back to work that day without all the pain. Not every experience with ear seeds will be this dramatic, but it is an example of how they can work.

ear seeds with Swarovski crystals

At Northern Lights Massage, you can get ear seeds as part of any other service you are coming in for, or you can come in just for ear seeds. I will ask you some questions about what you are looking to get help with, and select 2-5 points per ear to apply the ear seeds to. I have ear seeds that are discreet with a simple adhesive, or ear seeds that provide some bling with Swarovski crystals in various colors. The crystals look like jewelry when they are on your ears. You can look good and feel good! Call to set up your appointment for ear seeds and get on the path to better heath and improved quality of life today!

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