Massage and Moving Forward

I recently moved to Saranac Lake from Philadelphia. It's not the longest move I've ever made, but it's far enough and feels a world away. I'm not from Philadelphia originally. I moved there for my dream job in 2016, after living blissfully in Portland, Oregon for five years. Although I loved my job in Philly, it never felt like home. I never connected with it. Eventually, the spa I had moved across the country for closed in 2018. The spa closing became a moment to evaluate what I really wanted to do next, and where I wanted to do it. Enter Saranac Lake, NY.

I had spent time in the Adirondacks throughout my childhood, visiting my grandparents who lived in Jay. My grandmother still lives there. I remembered the area as being filled with natural beauty, similar to what I loved about living in Oregon. I looked into the details of relocating to Saranac Lake, and couldn't find anything to deter me from the idea of moving here. So several months later, here I am.

Relocating was just one part of figuring out the "what's next" after being laid off. The other part, the part I was asked most about by concerned friends and family members, was "what are you going to do for work?". With an adventurous spirit and years of massage and spa industry experience under my belt, I decided to strike out on my own and bring my vision into reality by opening up my own massage studio.

Now I had the "where" and the "what" figured out. Next was the "how", as in "how do I get there?". Moving from a second floor apartment in Philly, driving over six hours to Saranac Lake, and moving everything into a third floor apartment all in the span of 3 days took a physical toll on my body. My calves and lower back were sore, achy, and painful. All I could think about while carrying boxes up the stairs was how much I wanted a full body massage. This experience highlighted how something that is thought of as a luxury can be so much more important and necessary for pain relief and recovery, especially when muscles are involved.

Massage can help you after a strenuous move, or any kind of physical activity, in a number of ways. It encourages blood flow, which takes oxygen and nutrients to affected and overused muscles. This reduces swelling and stiffness. Massage also releases endorphins, which are hormones that act as your body's natural painkillers. I like to think we are in a time now where massage is recognized as something to incorporate into our lives for health and wellness. It's not a luxury, it just feels like one. This experience of moving forward has left me feeling hopeful and excited, and has also reinforced the healing power of massage.

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