CBD for Glowing Skin

we use products from Nature Pure in our CBD Renewal Facial

There's been a lot of buzz about CBD lately. It's everywhere and in everything! I've seen CBD pills, candy, honey, topical ointments, and even kombucha. Many CBD products are meant for pain or anxiety relief, but what does it mean when it is used as a beauty product?

I was fortunate to attend the International Esthetics, Skincare, and Spa Conference in NYC last month. With hundreds of vendors showcasing the latest and greatest in the skincare world, it was clear CBD is very popular right now. That's because CBD has so many wonderful applications when it comes to skincare, and I believe it is more than just a trend- it is here to stay.

CBD is also known as cannabidiol. It is an oil derived from the cannabis plant- the same plant that marijuana is derived from. This is why it's sometimes confused with marijuana. However, CBD oil comes from a different part of the plant and does not contain the psychoactive properties that marijuana is known for. CBD acts on receptors in the body known as CB1 and CB2 receptors which help with pain management and inflammation. This is the basics of how it works. There's definitely a lot more information out there if you want to read more about it. Try this article.

Now on to the beauty benefits! With CBD oil working to reduce inflammation, applying it topically in skincare products makes it great to treat inflammatory conditions like acne, redness, or sensitive/irritated skin. It is also high in vitamins A, C, and E which all promote youthful skin. These vitamins improve skin elasticity, fight signs of aging by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and boost collagen production. CBD oil is not the only source of these powerful anti-aging vitamins, but it does all of these things really well!

There are so many CBD products popping up out there in the world. Currently, there is very little, if any, regulation for these products. To ensure you are getting a quality product, look for third party testing of the products to ensure they meet the claims on the label. The company should be able to provide this to you. Beware of anything that looks too good to be true- a deep discount may mean a weak or ineffective product. I have selected Nature Pure Skincare for our CBD Renewal Facial products. Nature Pure Skincare is a family run company based out of Brooklyn, NY and has been in the skincare business for decades. The CEO, Victoria Tabak, is an esthetician and chemist- she really knows her stuff when it comes to effective skincare products! The CBD Renewal Facial was developed at Nature Pure and will give you beautiful results. Your skin will look refreshed and renewed, with a noticeable decrease in any redness and signs of aging. Try it yourself, and you will see the difference!

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